Fragmented (2016)

Fragmented has been created to let my Instagram followers know about a photography contest with the topic “change your perspective“.

The moment I saw the topic “change your perspective” I knew that that was the very first thing I had to do – change my own perspective by shooting something that I normally wouldn’t. Usually, my photos consist of spontaneous, natural moments that I stumble upon. This time, I decided to plan the series, choose a location and use a model. This was the first step. The second step was changing the perspective contextually.

In contrast to beautiful women in beautiful places that we are used to seeing everywhere, I used an unadorned, naked woman in an ordinary place that would not necessarily be considered beautiful. It was important to me that, despite the nudity, there is nothing attractive in the photos. The mirror contributes to my effort to disassociate the naked body from attractiveness by fragmenting it. It has given the series an uncanny feeling. The mirror also represents that the truth is often much different to what we actually perceive. Because it usually reveals, but can also distort and hide the object of perception. The mirror as an element of the composition also directs the attention away from the model towards the surrounding landscape, the context in which she is situated. It becomes a tool for changing the perspective which leads us back to the theme.