Morning Mugshot (2016)

Morning Mugshot is a mobile portrait series that was created for an exhibition on the topic  360°. It consists of four images, inspired by the mugshots dating from the 1840s, only a few years after the invention of photography.
Mugshot is an informal term for police photos. It's a photographic portrait taken after a person is arrested. The purpose of a mugshot is to have a photographic record of an arrested person to allow for identification purposes by victims and investigators. Mugshots are neutral and minimalistic in terms of content, they convey no feeling. It's all about the information that is transported through the photos. The main goal is to know as much as possible about the appearance of the person.
Mugshots consist of two photos; one from the front and one from the side. The photo series Morning Mugshot is a version adapted to the theme of the exhibition; 360° .