Unexpected Hermits (2018)

Text: Alexander Klatte

The photo series  "Unexpected Hermits" presents a set of road signs photographed during a road trip in Namibia in March 2018.
Long and lonely roads cut through the vastness of the countryside as the only remembrance of civilization in these uninhabited places, leading travellers from one congested area of life to another. During the 2,5-week road trip of 2500 miles on the co-driver’s seat through this Namibian moonscape, photographer Helin Bereket had muse and time to notice these scattered road signs along the way. Like unexpected hermits, they stood alongside these dusty lanes; immobile, sun-bleached and close-lipped. The car passing them by was probably the only guest they had seen since a long time in this barren swaths of land.

*The word „hermit“ stems from the old greek word for desert (eremítēs), it literally describes a sole habitant of the desert.